"I've been to resorts and on fishing trips all over the

world and have never felt more at home."

Richard Bobby

Customer Satisfaction

We started people talking!! It’s a simple concept…just do a good job and that’s what we’ve been doing for 35 years. We operate with 75% return and the rest is word of mouth. You won’t see us at any high pressure sport shows, we spend our advertising money where it counts...on you! Now our customers and even the media are talking about us...and that says a lot!

"If customer satisfaction is a measure of performance, John is a huge success."
The Hunting and Fishing Library

Complete Packages

We sell complete packages with no hidden charges and no extras to pay for. Quality at a fair price. Our combination of price and performance makes our trips a "Best Buy."

"I was impressed with the quality of this trip. The fishing action beats Alaska." Larry McKain

Wilderness Fishing

We provide a highly acclaimed wilderness fishing experience into the world’s most unique freshwater preserve. No planes, no motors, no houses, no docks, no roads and no crowds! There are few truly wild places left where you can travel, camp and fish in such a free and unrestricted way.

"It’s so clean, we drank right out of the lake." Lynn Beltin

Easy Access

You can drive on fast four lane roads or fly commercial direct to Ely. Our trips are inexpensive and doable without a big investment in special equipment.


"No one fishes smallmouth more." Our guides are full-time professionals representing lifetimes of experience. Between our guides and our anglers we log over 8,000 man-hours on the water every season. No one has guides like this! Take advantage of our expertise, take a guide or go on your own, we teach you how.

"It has taken Herrick nearly a quarter of a century to amass the skill and knowledge that produces such spectacular results." Chief Executive Magazine

The Best Trail Food and Equipment

Our equipment has evolved from years of really using the stuff. We’re sure no one else can supply food like this, we make our own, with great recipes collected from hundreds of customers’ requests. It tastes good, there’s plenty of it and it’s easy to prepare. We call it "camp cuisine," it’s the kind of camp cooking a guide could stake his reputation on!

"No one does it better." Canoe Magazine

Service And Convenience

We are a full service lodge and outfitter with everything you need right here at the water’s edge where your trip starts. No shuttle vans, no standing in line, no crowds, no numbers...once you arrive you’re part of the family.

"I’ve been to resorts and on fishing trips all over the world and I have never felt more at home." Richard Bobby

Global Destination

Our legendary angling lodge has become a premier global fishing destination. We earned a top 10 rating from the discerning taste of the Robb Report Magazine. "The world’s best hunting and fishing lodges."

"One of those rare undiscovered places."

"No place like it in the world." Travel Magazine

America’s #1 Fishing Trip

We know there are other canoe outfitters and resorts who sell fishing trips. But there are no "fish heads" like us. We pioneered smallmouth fishing in this area and we catch lots of big fish. We were the first to champion Catch and Release and we’re still fighting for the cause. We are a leading source of scientific fishing knowledge and techniques! We have been innovative in evolving fishing for smallmouth bass with more fly rod world records that anyone…PERIOD!

You wouldn’t buy a fishing trip from an outfitter who doesn’t fish would you? Our business is to fish.

You deserve to be properly informed. Come to the source and get more of what you pay for.

"You owe it to yourself to make the trip."

  Bassmaster Magazine



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